PRE-POST HEADS UP: The second image in this post includes a use of the F-word and H-word. Please divert your eyes from that image if swear words offend you.

I’m not sure I count as a Facebook OG, but I joined in 2005 when it was just for colleges.

A lot has changed since those days. Namely, you can comment on wall posts now. I’ve stuck to my habits from the days before those comments, namely responding to wall posts I’ve received with a post on the sender’s wall.

I think it made more sense back in the day when e-mail was the only way you were notified if someone responded to you (though, really, who didn’t check their wall at every sign-in).

There are a few exceptions. If it’s a link or video I share, I keep the conversation in the comments. Seems more accessible for everyone using the link. Most of my conversation-point posts involve a link, so they fall under my link-comment rule. But those that don’t also hold to the comment thread on my wall.

I’m just wondering how everyone else handles conversations anymore. Let me know how you do things. Does anyone else stick to wall-to-wall communication for more personal posts but use comments for the rest?