Even though I didn’t attend this year’s conference of the American Copy Editors Society, I was able to glean plenty of great information from the coverage attendees provided through tweets and blog posts.

Following the #ACES2011 hashtag was no replacement for geeking out with a few hundred people who love editing as much as me in meatspace, but I did my best with what I had.

I’ve rounded up a ton of ACES coverage below. If you know of something I missed, leave a comment and I’ll get it thrown in. Don’t be afraid to pimp your own content.

The easiest place to check is the official ACES 2011 website, where quite a few members and officers pitched in with summaries of the sessions they attended as well as other happenings at the conference. They also set up a page where they’ll post handouts and other documents from session presenters in the coming days.

I found useful tidbits on Nick Jungman’s blog, especially on his own session about web-first copy desk changes at the University of Missouri. He’s nickjungman on Twitter.

Leslie-Jean Thornton, journalism professor for host Arizona State University, rounded up some of the links and social media buzz she found and threw together a paper.li from it all. I definitely recommend her Twitter account. She was one of the folks tweeting her thumbs off* at the conference, keeping those of us at home afoot.

Arizona State’s contribution wasn’t done with hosting and Thornton’s coverage. The Reynolds Center for Business Journalism also pitched in with stories about Mizzou professor Marty Steffens teaching editors economics, reviewing business-copy red flags with Dallas Morning News business copy chief Chris Wienandt and tackling math with Rich Holden of the Dow Jones News Fund.

Malik Siraj Akbar added a few rehashings of sessions he attended to his WordPress. He’s stunningmalik on Twitter.

Los Angeles Times reader representative Deirdre Edgar and I used Storify to capture some of the Twitter talks from sessions while at our homes. Edgar’s storified sessions are here, and mine can be found here.

I was happy with how much I learned while at home this year, but I’m planning on seeing you in person at ACES 2012 in New Orleans.**

*It’s possible she had a laptop or netbook, in which case maybe she typed all her digits off.

**You know you want to spend some time in the Big Easy before the world ends.