UPDATE 3-19-12 Note corrected zip code. Letters with wrong zip will make it to Zach, I’m told, just a week or so later.

My supervisor sent me this e-mail the other day asking people to send letters to her 8-year-old nephew. The hope is the letters will help occupy his mind as he goes through chemotherapy. The kid’s family is aiming to get a letter from all 50 states. That’s an awesome goal to see if we can meet — and maybe exceed with some international mail.

We learned last Wednesday that my 8-year-old nephew’s cancer (Acute Lymphblastic Leukemia) has returned. He’s being treated at St. Jude in Memphis. He started chemotherapy Friday. To keep his spirits up, the hospital and his family are trying to come up with things to keep his mind occupied.
This kid, Zachary Wyman, loves to get mail ā€” letters, postcards. The favor? Please help me pass the word to everyone and anyone ā€” far and wide ā€” to please send Zach a letter or postcard. Letters make him smile, and at this point, every smile is golden.
I am going to get him a map with some pins and have him plot where his mail comes from. Aside from the well-wishes, the aim is to get all 50 states and maybe some foreign countries too. And in the process teach him about geography and other places in the world.
He’s any outdoorsy kid now stuck in a room, instead of playing baseball, and in the fight of his life.
Please address the letters and cards to:
Zachary Wyman
The Ronald McDonald House
535 Alabama Ave
Memphis, TN 38107 38105
I assure you, every card or letter will be greatly appreciated.

So do you have a few minutes? Write something and/or put some cool things in that envelope, stick a stamp to it (if you don’t know that that is ask your grandma, she likely has one you can borrow), and ship it off. I’m going to write something and sneak some baseball cards in there as well. If you’re helping out and have a cool idea, share it in the comments.

Even if you can’t send a letter, sharing this with those you can reach will get us closer to the goal and would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading and thanks a thousand times if you can help Zach out.