Turns out being a Kansas basketball enthusiast doesn’t pay well, so I went with the next best thing.

But I quickly found out that copy editing is just as easy to fall in love with, granted it’s much more nerdy.

I’m a 2009 graduate of the William Allen White School of Journalism & Mass Communications at the University of Kansas currently working as a copy editor in Arkansas.

I first realized the newsroom was destined to be my second home in high school. The newsroom characters and the fun they bring to the office got me addicted to journalism. Out of high school I thought I’d be a reporter, but I quickly fell in love with the copy editing side of the news operation.

That enjoyment led me to spend most of my final three years of college working in the newsroom of The University Daily Kansan. I held many hats while there: reporter, copy editor, copy chief and designer. The newsroom was the easiest place to find me. If I had time between classes, I was there. If I needed to wind down after a rough day of classes, I headed back to the newsroom. Often if news broke while I was there on my free time, I jumped right in to help reporters in any way I could. Whatever it takes to beat the in-town rival, I said.

As I developed my editing skills, I took advantage of opportunities to intern on the copy desks of The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Kansas City Star.

Although the J-school degree is in my hand, the learning is far from over. In my current job I’m working on picking up more work with news design, tackling some tougher issues in editing and dabbling a bit with HTML when I post stories to the Web site.

My dream job is to edit at CNET, just when you thought copy editing couldn’t get any nerdier.