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So … Gawker got hacked.

Apparently I had a Gawker account — I imagine I bit on a Lifehacker contest that required me to comment at some point. And I finally got my prize: my password divulged all across the Internet.

It’s pretty easy to focus on the negative aspects from both sides in the hack. Gawker had a serious hubris issue and poked the 4chan bear (do not confuse with Pedobear), and the hackers went overboard with their collateral damage.

But some third parties proved their worth in the fracas.

Though they have no share of the blame, I received notes from LinkedIn and Woot telling me that my e-mail/password combo was compromised and encouraging me to change my password for their sites just in case it was the same as on Gawker.

Luckily I heard about the story the day that it broke. I quickly figured out what accounts use the same e-mail as my Gawker address and made sure they didn’t share a password. I had used my burner password for my Gawker account, since I assumed I’d only use it once or twice.

I just wanted to give the sites who went the extra mile to help their users a shoutout. There’s a few more that have offered help to others as well.

There were some reports of Amazon encouraging resets for victims, but I didn’t receive anything despite my Amazon account using the same e-mail address as my Gawker account.

Maybe the do-gooders here set an unreasonable standard, but I’d have loved to also receive nudges from Netflix, Twitter and Google.

You’ve heard it a thousand time this week, here’s 1,001: Keep those passwords fresh, kiddos.

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